Oct. 18th, 2009 02:24 pm
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are we to assume that all ancient tech is waterproof? cause the rule when I'm working is no liquids on the gear.  Maybe y'all wouldn't be headed for the sun if you didn't set your drinks on active consoles.

90,000 L is roughly 23,775 US gallons.  I can't remember how many survivors they had, so let's call it 40 (There are 20 named characters on the SGU website, plus the various extras who have not been introduced).  That gives us just under 600 gallons of water per person.  Emergency preparedness guidelines state that minimum water supplies should be 1 gallon per person per day for drinking and sanitation and you should store enough to hold you through until assistance can reasonably be anticipated.  Waste recycling systems exist, but are not working.  You have 600 days of water at minimum rations, assuming nothing else goes wrong.  You're on an Ancient spaceship that's falling apart around your ears.  What are the chances that something else could go wrong? No, Ms. Wray, I don't think its time to relax the water rations to include showers.  Once a week sponge baths maybe, but not showers.  The laundry situation also looks grim. (Did detergent/ soap even make it in the stuff the y grabbed on the evac?

Hey, ya know what? If I wanted to watch "reality" TV confessional videos, I wouldn't be watching a scripted show.  If you want to introduce characters, why not show them actually doing something?  Lazy writing.  Tedious episode.  Felt like about 70% filler.

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