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They raided that same Trust location (Wesminster Boiler) a couple years ago (807-Affinity). Might ought to make sure the Trust doesn't set up shop again after ya raid 'em, eh?

Also, freeway signs to Surrey and Ladner?!? C'mon guys, you're not even trying. You show Colorado plates, but you can't doctor the sign to show towns actually in Colorado? Lazy.

Someone is going to explain frat. regs to Vala, yes?
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If this had happened anywhere in the past two seasons, I would have said it's about time. But season 10 so far has shown marked improvement over 7, 8, and 9.

The writing this season has improved. Still not up with the first three seasons, but at least I have not had any "why did I just waste another hour of my life on this show?" moments. Those have been far too plentiful the last few seasons. With the way this season has gone so far, it seems that the new cast are hitting their stride, and I'm interested enough that I'd like to see what they had planned for season 11.

As to the decline in ratings, I cannot address the promotion (or lack thereof) of the show since I dropped cable at the end of season 9. I saw no reason to continue spending the extra money when for the cost of 3 months of cable, I could get the full season DVDs of the shows I wanted, without commercials, and without the oceans of crap I never watched anyway. I had gotten cable so I gould get SciFi. While SciFi's lineup was never stellar, at least it used to stick to content that could reasonably be classified as science fiction. That has changed in the past year or so. They are no longer worth paying for. If SciFi wants more and loyal viewers, they need to stick to showing quality science fiction. Not soaps, not wrestling, not "reality" shows, not cliche creature feature MOWs. Quality science fiction. I suspect getting rid of one of their few decent hours of programming will not help them retain viewers. Just a hunch.


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