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In Vancouver for a short visit to take my mother to the Raven Traveling exhibit of Haida art. It's a wonderful exhibit, and a pity its not traveling. She enjoyed the exhibit, but the walking was a bit much for her. After that we went to the first Japanese restaurant we came across on Robson, and had some excellent sushi, as well as barbecued duck and pork. Very reasonably priced, and a nice place. Don't remember the name, but could find it again easily. After that she didn't want to head back to where we were staying, but wanted to do something that didn't involve standing or being out in the rain. I suggested either doing the loop on the SkyTrain, or doing a water taxi tour of False Creek. She opted for the SkyTrain, so we did that. While we were walking down to the Granville SkyTrain station, we passed a film crew for what I believe was X-Men 4 shooting at the Orpheum Theater on Granville. On the trip back round from New Westminster, passed by the back of Bridge. The circus was in town, but didn't spot anybody outside in the 15 or so seconds where it would have been possible to spot them. Its cool (low 60s) and intermittently raining, so I'm not surprised. Anyway, got off at the Commercial/ Broadway station and got the 99B across town to where we're staying (with a friend of hers who has a place near UBC). I continue to be impressed with Vancouver's public transit. Was thinking about going out again after I got my mother back here, but now its raining again.


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