SG:U 2

Oct. 3rd, 2009 10:12 pm
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On rewatch...

Much improved by fast forwarding through anything with the Senator and Chloe. Avoids the whole stupid writer mistake about the warfarin, and the manipulative make us care about the asshole after he's dead scenes.

I particularly like the shade of purple on Eli's front door. Wouldn't mind having the house its on, either.

Nice to see the SGC set again, even if it was redressed as Icarus.

So am I to understand that SGC has moved to the Pentagon?  'cause that seems a fair bit less secure from alien attack or other infiltration.  Even if its not secret any more, its not the sort of thing you want just any yahoo playing with.

Music doesn't remind me of BSG so much as Blade Runner. Not the beginning piano and power chord stuff, but synth stuff further in.  Also liked the brief reference to the 'ascension theme'.

Not getting the hate on Dr. Rush.  We've seen bad things happen with exploding gates before.  It looked like the choices were stay at the base and get blown up, dial Earth and risk blowing up SGC and/ or Earth, dial some other known address and risk blowing up that world, dial a random Milky Way (or Pegasus) address, with the same risk and the added bonus of an unknown world or a failed connection, or give the ninth chevron a whirl with the same risks as the previous option, but at least you're not risking blowing up an ally or really pissing off an enemy.  If chances are that explodey death will result from any choice, why not try the one you'll never get another shot at?  I do think he was BSing about Jack putting him in charge, but I do not see that as nefarious so much as opportunistic.  I think this is more a case of he's thinking about a whole other set of factors, and doesn't have the inclination or ability to fill in the five steps behind for the slower children in the class.  That said, he'd better take the time sometime soon, or he'll end up the scapegoat.
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