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In light of the attempted attack in New York, isn't it time that sales and possession of fireworks is restricted to licensed and bonded pyrotechnicians? 

This would have the side benefit of preventing the idiot across the street from shooting off hundreds of dollars of loudest boom he can find fireworks in the middle of my street, which happens to be ~25' from my pillow.  I'd like to not have to leave the country to be able to sleep in the days leading up to and including July 4.
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also, it is awesome that xkcd posts a hotlink URL.

Blue Sun

Nov. 5th, 2009 12:08 pm
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antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap091104.html  If I had more ambition, I'd LOL cap it.


Nov. 1st, 2009 09:48 pm
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Just decided to watch last week's Castle.

In which Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) dons his Halloween costume as a space cowboy (aka Cap'n Tightpants).
His daughter says, (among other things) "Didn't you wear that like 5 years ago?"
Castle: "So?"
Daughter: "isn't it time to move on?"
Castle: "I like it."

at which point I had to pause and post this squeee.

If you're in the US or have the ability to persuade Hulu's servers you're in the US, it's here.

Oh well...

Oct. 30th, 2009 03:34 pm
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I had hoped to get Comcast out of my life once and for all.

I got set up with Clear to see if they could provide the level of service I need. Unfortunately, they cannot.
details )


Oct. 18th, 2009 02:24 pm
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are we to assume that all ancient tech is waterproof? blatheration upon a lame episode )

SG:U 103

Oct. 10th, 2009 01:18 pm
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Starting to get the Rush-hate...

minor spoilage )

Still not sold on the show, but willing to give it half a season to find its legs.
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Great... they can't deny me based on a preexisting condition.  Any provision to stop insurers from 'competing' by setting the rates for people with preexisting conditions at 5 or 10 times the rates for people without?  Cause having 5 insurance companies offer me insurance for $1500/month is effectively the same as having 5 insurance companies deny coverage.  Didn't hear a thing about that.

Oh, and in 4 years when this would kick in, I'll have been uninsured for at least 2 years if my current provider continues to raise rates at the pace they have to date.

Color me unimpressed.

At least he called the death panel morons for the liars they are.
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In other news, all the episodes of Highlander are up on Hulu.  Cause I needed more ways to waste time.
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In case you didn't see enough at [livejournal.com profile] shaddyr, here are some of mine...
Jane & Baz
Jane & Baz in uniform as Weir & McKay before the parade. David told us the wardrobe folks made the mini-McKay uniform for Baz shortly after the cancelation was announced.

It has fur
In case you weren't traumatized enough by Shaddyr's picture, please note: the bicycle has fur. The sign on the back was "Pt. Roberts Emergency Preparedness." I have no idea how the sum of these parts constitute a whole.

Suiting up
Getting ready for the parade.

David & alsogater
David & alsogater(?)

David & Kaliope
David & Kaliope

David, Jane & Baz check out the bike UFO
David, Jane & Baz check out the bike UFO.

bike UFO detail
bike UFO detail
I was really impressed with the construction on this. The two bikes were yoked together and pipes used to extend the frames, and the UFO frame attached to that.

David & Isabelle
David & Isabelle

lawnmower brigade
another entry in the parade: tinfoil covered lawnmowers

wee horse
wee horse: because it's cute. It's smaller than what I'm accustomed to as a pony, but larger than what I've seen of miniature horses, so I don't know the name for that particular size.

This is a float
This was a float. Not quite sure how the porta-loo qualifies as sci-fi, unless it's intended to answer the the perennial question of what the bathrooms look like on Atlantis. ;)

Delta TV
This was about mid-way through the parade route. Delta TV was interviewing each group in the parade.

David, Baz and Jane
David, Baz and Jane
hey look. They're in front of the Stargate on yet another forested world ;)

atlantis side
The Atlantis side of the gate

earth gate
and the Earth side.

The folks who built the gate did a really fabulous job. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but the Atlantis side has the constellations for that gate.

honorable mention
Honorable Mention.

I had a great time, and did not burn to a crisp.  The Vancouver Stargate Meetup folks are a friendly bunch.  If you're in any of the pictures and want me to send you a copy of the full size pic, let me know.  Also let me know if you're in one and don't want your pic on the internet, and I'll take it down.

wanna swap

Jul. 4th, 2009 05:14 pm
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Dear Vancouver

We can show you what to do about your bicycle parking problem.  Wanna show us how to build an effective transit system?


(Oh, shut up Vantucky.  You know I was not talking to you.)
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1. Building your site such that I am subjected to sound without my permission.  Do not make noise at me until I click on an option to accept noise (such as clicking play on a video or audio clip).

2. Configuring any link or object on your site to resize my browser window.  If you need a window of a specific size, create a new window of that size.  DO NOT MESS WITH THE WINDOW I AM USING.  If my popup blocker prevents a window from opening, show me a dialog to that effect, and I will either whitelist your site or decide I don't need to see whatever it was.

3. flashing/ jiggling gifs.  No.  Just no.  Go back to 1997.
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Sorry for the crappy focus, couldn't see what I was doing... I may try it again next time I'm in the area.  The restaurant itself has absolutely no trace of a Stargate theme.

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So, I've hated every preview I've seen of the new Trek movie.  They all seem to be 'look how many action cliches can we pack into 30 seconds!' and give the impression that whatever plot might have crept in is only there to connect the fights to the 'splosions.  It looks like overproduced dreck from the previews, yet it's getting good reviews.  Is it worth the bother to see it first run?  Is it a wait for it to hit the brew-pub?  Or a wait for Netflix?
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Sure we've go a two party system... we have the party of the right, and the party of the far right.  How about we just rename them as the Republicratic party and the Theocratic party?

The republicans are now trying to position themselves as fiscal conservatives?  Do they really think we're so stupid we don't remember the last 8 years? (Or the 8 years before that, which ended with a surplus.)
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