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Sauvie Island - 18.1 miles 2 hours 34 minutes ride time- with John. Rode out Sauvie Island road to where it ends, had lunch, watched a guy land a 40 lb (at least) sturgeon. Came back the same way, didn't do loop of the island as it was too late to do the rest of it at the day's pace. Will go back at some point and do the other portion. Was a lovely day for a ride, and once we got past the farm stands and corn maze, not too much traffic.
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FMPDX meeting - 6.9 mi/ 338 cal
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PPO meeting - 8.0 miles/ 375 cal/ 50:14 pouring rain the whole way there, not raining but still damp on the way back. $21 off-brand gore-tex rainsuit works pretty well, though the zippers are crap. Riding in the rain still sucks, but I'd rather not not ride all winter and lose the muscles I'm starting to build. I'd like to be able to do 100 miles in a week by this time next year

And woo-hoo 101.4 miles since I got the trip computer on 8/29 or so. Over 100 miles in less than a month. Go me.
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PPO Council 7.1 mi, 44min, 366 cal
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Another ride with John today. 23.8 miles total, approx 800' total ascent. Rode from my place to meet John at GatewayTC, then drove out to Lewis & Clark State Park. Rode from L&C up CG scenic hwy to Springdale- all uphill but not a terribly steep grade. Good shoulder from L&C most of the way into Springdale (the section on the scenic highway), minimal shoulder on the rest of the route. Out Hurlburt rd to Gordon Creek Rd- again, mostly uphill, but not terribly steep to this point. Then down Gordon Creek Rd to the eastern portion of Oxbow park. This was a descent of about 400' in just over a mile. Had lunch at Oxbow, then had to go back up 400' in about a mile... John's legs gave out about 1/4 of the way up the hill. Walked my bike up the hill then rode back down to L&C to get John's van and pick him up. When John suggested the route, I figured he was familiar with the roads and felt he was in good enough shape to do the ride. I'm in better shape than he is, so I assumed that if he could do it, I'd have no problem. John used the time waiting or me to come back to flag all the routes in his bike guide that were indicated as flat or moderately hilly. We'll try one of those next time. Maybe Sauvie's Island which is pretty much flat.
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PPO Meeting - 7.6 mi rt - 44:13 min - 358 cal. Guy there mentioned a group called Slug Velo- slow rides in the Portland area will check out.
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used bike for errands today. Left around 2:00, up Gladstone to post office. 25 min in line at the post office, then over to Tibbets and out to 72nd to Division to 76th to whichver street it was I used to connect to 80th to get to Mill. Out Mill to 205 bike path to Stark then over 205 and into the parking lot for PTCU. Maybe 10 min there. out of the parking lot onto 96th to Market, over 205 to 92nd, then over to Mill then reverse of outbound route. 70th and Tibbets- house on NW corner has an apple tree hanging over the fence, the fence sports a sign saying Pleas pick apples- no spray- organic soil. I picked two and they were delicious. Small, yellow green skin with pink blush, white flesh, quite sweet. Down Tibbets and Clinton to 21st, and stopped at People's to pick up coffee. 21st to whatzit to 22nd to Gladstone, up Gladstone and home. Didn't have to stop and catch my breath or walk bike up either section of Gladstone. (This is an improvement)

12.6 miles, total trip time ~ 2 hrs, ride time 1:15 per trip computer, 597 calories. 54 miles total since I got the trip computer.
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34.6 mile ride on 8/31 my place to Gateway TC- met John there- out 205 bike path to Airport Way, past random unmarked road through industrial park, back to said road to connect to 230somethingth to Marine Drive (where the bike path is NOT grade separated contrary to what the map said) to Interlachen to Blue Lake park.

205 path was a lot of up and down- got up to 25mph with no effort on my part on the first segment out of Gateway TC. Section that went through Maywood Park was nice- separated from fwy by noise wall, and path was lanscaped and had historical and botanical markers.

Airport Way has bike lanes all the way out, but goes through a lot of industrial parks with lots of tractor-trailer traffic at 45+ mph. Not fun.

Didn't want to go back the way we came, so out east entrance of Blue Lake park along 230somethingth else with a nice wide bike lane up until Sandy blvd. About half a block past Sandy the bikelane and the shoulder disappear and the traffic lanes narrow as you pass under the railroad. Lanes remain narrow and no shoulder or bike lane for about 2 blocks after that.

Anyway, that bit brought us into Fairview where we found side streets to bring us to Halsey St which has a bike lane all the way into town.

At 122nd, signs seemed to indicate that Glisan was the recommended route back to Gateway TC. That may be the case for cars, but definitely not for bikes. I remember the intersection of 102nd and Halsey as being rather squirrely, but it can't be more of a pain than Glisan was.

Left my house at 11:15, got back around 7:30. John was having a slower time on hills than usual, and we had a longish lunch/ break at Blue Lake park. I did figure out how to use the trip time, miles and calories functions on my new bike computer, but only after I accidentally wiped the data for the first half of the trip. Total miles is based on starting and ending mileage. Based on half trip, it was probably around 1600 calories for the whole trip.

Was really tired and dragging the next day, so probably don't want to do a longer ride for a few weeks.


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